Sunday, March 10, 2013

Alabama Stock Horse Show 03-2013

It was perfect weather for the stock show yesterday! Here is a sample of what I took yesterday. Once I've had a chance to go through the images, I'll post a link to the site where you may look at your shots and order if you wish. 

Some shots of a true cowgirl!

Someone remembered to smile! 

The women were totally rockin' the cow classes!

Check out the angles you rode, Tracie! 

I've always loved watching Jim & Erica ride. I will miss seeing them this summer when they go back home. Here's a link to their site if you're ever interested in horseback riding through South Dakota.  How awesome would it be to go to a fellow stock horse member's ranch out west to ride. It's soooo on my bucket list!


I loved this shot of the cow running through the rope. Not the shot Hugh probably wanted, but cool none the less.

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