Monday, August 24, 2009

Elmore County Humane Society

Today, I photographed new dogs that have come in to the shelter who desperately need homes! As I photograph them to be put online for adoption, I'm overwhelmed by how many WONDERFUL animals are there. Their personalities are amazing! Here are a few of my favs from today. Keep in mind, I'm using my little camera (so not if but when the pups come lick the lens I don't cry) so some images may not be perfect :-) If you can't adopt one of these wiggly ones, PLEASE consider making a donation to the shelter. You can go to their site at       to get specifics of what they're in need of.  
   This one entertains himself! 

                                         Most of them just love to be able to run....

  However, this one LOVES the baby pool they have set out for them to splash in!

      I think this one came in all matted up. 
     This guy is snuggly!!!!

       Ok, so I was there for the dogs today but couldn't resist these two :-)

                    Isn't she gorgeous!!!!

Orange Beach

Sunday, August 9, 2009

July 26

One evening after a nice rain, I was taking out the garbage and noticed this beautiful rainbow right over my house! I'd love to think that it was a blessing just for me :-) I hope others of you saw it too.  I always feel good when I see a rainbow.

6 AM

This morning I got up early (for a Sunday) and drove down to this spot with my husband. We pass this pond a lot, and I've always thought it was soooo pretty! However, I knew that if I wanted a good picture of it, I was going to HAVE to get there early... WOW was it worth it! I even got lucky to have a little bit of fog on the water. I'm eager to retry this shot in the fall. 


A couple of weeks ago, I photographed Rachel's senior portraits... yes I'm very behind on my blogging :-) She was very easy to photograph, and I got LOTS of great images! You can also see more of her images on my web site.


Well, I've been working on a very special job this week. I've been asked to take pictures for Advanced Surgical Associates of Montgomery. They're working on a new website, and I am honored to be a part of that! Here's a few of my favorite images so far. You can view all of them on my web site.