Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding in Seagrove, FL

This past Thursday and Friday, I packed up for the beach again. But this time, I was to photograph a Blessing Of A Civil Ceremony & Baptism of a friend & coworker.  Though it rained a good part of the trip, I was tickled to get some really cute shots! These are sneak peaks for the families. I have lots more to edit after I get some sleep :-)

"Beach Bum"

Flagg- Shepherd Wedding

Congratulations to LaQuantas and Tavaris!!! They had a beautiful wedding ceremony yesterday! It even rained for good luck :-) Here's a few pics for those who I know are anxious to see :-) I'm still working on the rest of them, and will have all of them ready for viewing soon. 

LaQuantas (Pre-Bridals)

These are LaQuantas' pre-bridals I've been so anxiously waiting to post! She was married yesterday, and I'll be posting some of those in a bit.  

Causey Family

Meet is Amanda, Josh and their two boys Gabe and Hayden. Hayden is about 14 mo and is our God Son! Isn't he cute! 

Witherington Family

This is Casey, Priscilla and Jazlyn. They're always fun to photograph!

Beach Treasures

There were LOTS of beautiful creatures to photograph while we were at Orange Beach! I was excited to get these shots! For most of my beach pics, I used my Panasonic camera because I was too afraid to take out my SLR's :-) I did use my Canon 40D for the mini sessions we did one evening... but that was it :-)