Monday, December 7, 2009

Trynity- 1 year

Trynity just turned a year old! She still only gets cuter for each session :-) Here's a few of the cute ones from her session.


Ok, so I really have NO idea who's dog this is, but he comes over to visit frequently along with a neighbor dog of ours. This boy wants nothing other than to hang out with my neighbor's dog... They're sooo cute!

Mary C/O 2010

Mary is my niece who came from Baton Rouge, Louisiana over the Thanks Giving Holidays. While she was here, we squeezed in a senior portrait session on her last day here. I thought I was never going to get just that one afternoon I needed to do these portraits for her. Luckily, I had gorgeous fall afternoon, so I took her to the land my husband & I recently purchased where the fall colors were just perfect! Here's a few of my favs. The last two were all natural light as the sun was setting. It gave a really neat gold tone to the picture.

Shipman Family

These children were sooo sweet! They also knew they were cute :-)