Tuesday, November 23, 2010


These cute ones were awesome and totally put up with all my requests :-)

Cute Cowgirl

Lacey came over one morning for a fun dress up session. We yelled Roll Tide & Yee Haw all in one morning. She's a super model in the making who's definitely been working on her poses :-)

Family Moments

This little dude ran around like he was 2! He also was a very patient child who didn't seem to mind that it was like 35 degrees outside!!!

Moments Together

These three kids held up through the cold/ wet morning way better than I did! I think we got some cute shots before the oldest girl lost her front tooth :-)


This cute little man celebrated his christening recently. This was a family event that everyone will cherish for years to come!

Cute Costume

Okay, so I realize Halloween was a while back now. However now that I'm getting caught up on posts, you sooo have to look at this. Is she not one of the cutest?!


This fall, Noah turned the big 1. He has been so fun to watch grow this past year. Happy Birthday Noah!